Photoshoot #7: Yentl

Created Wed 23 Jun 10 15:39 by Mithandir in category The Freeware Photographer Blog

Last Saturday's shoot brought the youngest model in my studio yet: 8 or 9-week old Yentl with her parents and godmothers. The brief for the shoot was to get some pictures for the baptism card, and then add some various pictures.

After running out of white background paper during the previous week's shoot, I went to get a new roll and also got a roll of light blue. It's this latter roll that was used most, and I'm actually quite pleased with the results. The light-blue near-sky colour seems to work well with the yellow light from the gold umbrella reflector (after some white balance tweaking) and it was quite easy to light. Fortunately the clothing colours of some of the models worked quite well with it as well. The only minor gripe I have about the blue is that it looks a bit weird in full body shots when there's blue below people's feet. I'm sure I can find a way to adjust.

Speaking of paper rolls, the people were kind enough to take off their shoes for this shoot which meant the paper survived without any marks on it. A big save for me :)

Also new during this shoot were relatively tall people and groups. The former was a bit problematic because the white paper roll (rolled up) came in view on several pictures when the father was standing up. Nothing I can't fix in post, but something to be aware of. The group was easier: all 4 adults + baby fitted on the picture (albeit with the father on the second row). One issue here is how to cope with multiple skin tones under artificial light. White balance is tricky here and getting natural skin for all involved proved tricky.

Oh, and this time I'm allowed to show some of the pictures, so here goes:


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