Upcoming shoots: weeks 25-26

Created Thu 24 Jun 10 12:32 by Mithandir in category The Freeware Photographer Blog

I'll have the weekend off this week, which will give me some time to catch up with friends and family. Not to say I won't be taking any pictures though: I'm halfway planning on going by a local zoo (there's been a litter of lions and snow leopards and another zoo has a baby hippo)

I do have an appointment for a shoot on monday: a young woman and her friend want some nice pictures together. I think during this shoot I'm going to focus more on directing and pay special attention to facial expressions. I figure with a couple this will be easier than with a solo model as here I can direct them to look at each other.

On tuesday I have a completely different shoot: a coworker of mine wants pictures from his band and I'll be attending one of their rehearsals with my studio lighting kit. This should be an interesting experience. I've previously shot his earlier band, but that was with my old camera and without the lights.