A Big Project: Jespo sport groups

Created Fri 10 Sep 10 9:12 by Mithandir in category The Freeware Photographer Blog

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Jespo vzw, a non-profit organisation that organizes cheap sport groups for children aged 2-18. They needed somebody to take pictures for their new brochure and since they prefer working with volunteers they googled for a free photographer and bam, there I was.
Currently their brochure has pictures they've taken themselves and a couple that they bought online. While far from horrible, these pictures often don't always bring across the sport, atmosphere and location and there was definite room for improvement, which they hope I can bring.

This is a huge project: Jespo organizes over 50 sport groups and they'll need pictures from each of them. In addition they would also like portraits of all their volunteers. Have a look at my calendar to get an idea of just how much work this is going to be (and that's not counting postprocessing, which will easily be equally as much work).

From a technical viewpoint this will also be challenging. There will be a mix of outdoors long-tele work and indoor work, the latter likely in difficult mixed lighting. Since these are sports action pictures, I'll have to try to keep up a high shutter speed no matter what the light conditions are. Annoyingly, I don't have the perfect lenses for this, so I'll have to make do with some tricks. On the bright side, the pictures will be printed pretty small, so where needed I can get away with quite a bit of high-iso noise.

The first photoshoot of the project will be an outdoor one: sailing and surfing on the Galgeweel lake on antwerp's left shore (linkeroever).


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